Osler for Nurses

When you become a specialty nurse in an acute care area, you shoulder a lot of responsibility.

Providing the best possible care is important to you, because anything less comes at a cost.

Developing your skills and knowledge is fundamental to ensuring patient care is optimal, but doing so efficiently with a demanding job is very difficult.

That’s where Osler can help you.

The more you work with Osler, the more it works with you. Combining your experience, both online and in clinical practice, with your career interests, Osler finds the signal in the noise, efficiently helping you stay at the cutting edge.

Osler’s high quality, interactive and patient focused resources help you take your care to optimal.

View the demo now to see how Osler can help you.

Osler works with you to unlock your true potential.

Measuring your performance is key to your success.

Without knowing how you perform, how do you know where you can improve? Enhancing your performance helps your patients, and helps you get ahead as well.

To understand your performance like never before you need Osler.

Osler’s report card of your procedural and clinical capability, allows you to benchmark yourself globally against your peers. It creates a digital reference of your procedural and equipment certification to measure your proficiency and provide targeted support in the areas you need to improve.

Saving you precious time and giving you confidence to provide your patients the support they deserve.

Your performance at your fingertips.

The link between quality training and patient outcomes is well established.

By understanding your needs, Osler’s adaptive learning platform fast tracks your performance enhancement.

Through multimedia, interactive and patient focused learning resources, Osler takes experiential learning to a new level to build your skills and knowledge in a comprehensive and structured way.

Stay abreast of new techniques, keep up to date with the latest literature, refresh your understanding of uncommon conditions and remain certified in equipment you use daily.

Osler continues to monitor your progress, ensuring you achieve your goals.

Learning tailored to your skills and competence.

Finding answers to your clinical questions has never been easier

Modern nursing practice never stops changing, and you barely have time to keep up. You need a peer reviewed, evidence based and familiar knowledge resource you can trust.

The only problem is, current options are too broadly focussed to directly answer your questions, don’t respect your experience and knowledge, and fail to take advantage of multimedia technologies.

Imagine asking Osler practice related questions, typed into your tablet, or spoken to your wearable device, and our intelligent engine sorts and delivers information specific to you.

Osler Knowledge is an interactive fusion of curated acute care content, evaluated research papers and position statements, linked procedural and clinical notes, interpreted references and social media information, available on an engaging multimedia interface, anywhere, anytime.

All the resources you’ll ever need to answer your practice related questions, in your pocket, on your wrist or looking to the future.

Proactive dissemination of information tailored to you.

Engage with a trusted network of your peers worldwide when needed most.

Harnessing the power of community, clinical high-performance and better patient outcomes may only be a tweet away.

With the power of social technologies, connecting, engaging and collaborating with a trusted human expert has never been more achievable.

Osler community links an alumnus of Acute Care nursing experts on a global scale.

The key to Osler community is trust – engage with it respectfully and maximise its benefits.

Members of Osler community are authenticated nursing professionals, so you know you are communicating with your peers.

Collaborate with your peers, follow leaders in your field or simply keep in touch with the largest Acute Care Community on the planet.

You save one life, you’re a hero, you save a hundred lives, you’re a nurse.


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