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Osler improves your clinical performance

To truly be the best you can be you need to know how you are performing – your capabilities and deficiencies – so your knowledge and learning efforts deliver the best results.


Osler Performance integrates digital, mobile and social technologies on the worlds leading enterprise cloud computing platform to mobilise information on your competence and proficiency.


Osler Learning delivers interactive, patient focused learning formats, providing you with immersive real world learning, not possible through traditional teaching methods.


Osler Knowledge is a concise and trusted multimedia encyclopedia of acute care medicine.


Osler Community enables sharing of insights & knowledge, through open collaboration between members of the worlds largest Acute Healthcare community.

Osler provides a clinical & procedural report card for students, doctors, nurses and paramedics to record, measure and improve your performance - facilitating better translation of research into practice. By identifying clinical & procedural competence, before applying learning, we can set a consistent standard of clinical proficiency everywhere.

Understanding proficiency, allows Osler to tailor learning & development and ensure the application of new research into practice has the strongest possibility of success. Further Osler completes the performance improvement cycle, by measuring outcomes to determine if the changes in practice, translate into desired results for your patients.

By identifying your competence and proficiency, we can improve your performance, benchmark your capability and define a consistent standard for patient care everywhere.


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