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    What is the peer review process for Osler?

    • The Osler content development team takes all reasonable measures to ensure that its content is evidence based and reflective of the diversity of opinion and practice around the world. Where practices vary internationally, these options are presented.

    Is Osler independent from Industry?

    • Osler is completely independent of industry sponsorship and influence. Our content development team have disclosed any conflicts of interest. All efforts are made to ensure these conflicts do not impact on content of the site.

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    What is Osler Community?

    • The largest community of acute health professionals globally, linked through the power of social technology, to collaborate and share insights freely, in a trusted environment.
    • This trusted group of your peers will be authenticated students, doctors, nurses or paramedics, required to validate their status as an acute health professional before access to our community is granted.

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    Does Osler give back to the community?

    • Osler believes success within the healthcare industry can support opportunities to reinvest in our industry and provide ongoing benefit to existing research and other projects.
    • We have embraced the 1:1:1 model pioneered by and adopted by other organisations such as Google.
    • Our commitment is to provide 1% of Osler’s equity, 1% of our product and 1% of our employees time to acceptable not for profit initiatives within the healthcare industry globally.
    • For more details, on the 1:1:1 model please click here


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