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Understand your performance like never before

To improve your performance, to truly achieve the best you can, you need to know how you’re performing now.

Do you have a digital reference of all your procedures? Can you analyse your knowledge and skills deficits? Can you easily and effectively fill these gaps?

Osler’s digital report card can help.

By mobilising a log of your procedures, including your own clinical notes, we create a performance improvement cycle to measure your clinical competence. An always available, easily accessible report card, ensuring your efforts are spent caring for patients to the best of your ability.


Adaptive and experiential learning using 21st century technologies.

At the heart of modern healthcare training is “learning by doing”, famously introduced to practice by Sir William Osler in the 19th century in creating a system we now know as residency.

The 21st century Osler takes this philosophy further than ever, providing you with experiential training not possible through traditional teaching methods. Multimedia, interactive and patient focused learning resources build your skills and knowledge in a comprehensive and structured way.

The link between quality training and patient outcomes is well established. Just as clearly, learning needs and styles of individuals are unique. Education and training resources must be adaptive to our experience, capability and career ambitions in order to truly meet our needs.


In the age of information overload, knowledge still equals power

How do you find answers to your clinical questions?

Do you search for primary evidence? Do you prefer to read summary reviews? Notes from your experience or a memorable case? From social media or online resources? Or do you seek the advice of a trusted expert colleague?

Imagine a fusion of all these sources, available anywhere, anytime, when you need it most.

Osler Knowledge is a concise, referenced and trusted multimedia encyclopedia of acute care medicine, which captures your own notes, references and social media information, supported by a global community of your peers.

All the resources you'll ever need to answer your clinical questions, in one familiar and easily accessible place.


Harness the power of the global acute care community

Many of us are already digital natives – interacting and socialising electronically in today's mobile enabled world.

Osler Community captures the power of social technology, accelerating innovation and driving improvements in patient outcomes by connecting, engaging and motivating a known and trusted group of experts in our field. Collaborate, share insights & knowledge and propose new ideas, openly and with confidence.

Become a member of the worlds largest Acute Care Community.

Scaling the heights of excellence

On one of his regular retrieval missions, Dr Todd Fraser reflected on why his retrieval pilot was required to perform supervised procedures every 3 months and re-certification every 12 months, but the same was not expected of him.

Join the Excellence Movement

Your journey to excellence in acute care starts here.

By harnessing the power of the acute care community, we can make Osler the largest clinical performance platform of its kind, to record, measure and improve our proficiency - delivering improved patient outcomes everywhere.

Osler is looking for support from Students, Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics worldwide who want to achieve excellence in Acute Care.

To connect with Osler and receive regular updates on our progress, please pre-order to become a member of the world’s largest acute care community.

We are eagerly anticipating the commercial release of our platform, so stay tuned!


It's not the future, it's now.

Osler integrates seamlessly with wearable and other cutting edge technology.

Osler Technology operates on the world's leading enterprise cloud computing platform.

"The future is today." Sir William Osler


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